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Eric Reiter
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Mind Blown Performs experiments revealing flaws in quantum mechanics and resolution of wave-particle duality.
Profession Scientist and experimentalist
Interest Light
Education Physics at Sonoma State  University, San Francisco State University
Nationality American
Resides Pacifica, California
Current Work Quantum wave / particle experiments

Eric’s lab is quite amazing. His lab and even Eric look the part of a scientist who is working outside the mainstream. But don’t let the exotic setups fool you: Eric is taking on Quantum Mechanics and it isn”t pretty for QM.

Eric talks about how there is simple misinterpretation in Quantum Mechanics that mainstream scientists see as entanglement.

Technical Paper

You can read Eric’s technical paper on the problems with quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement:

Experiment and Theory Removing all that Quantum Photon Wave-particle-Duality Entanglement Nonsense

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by Eric Reiter
A recent experimental paper in Nature tries to show that large molecule-sized particles diffract like waves. Here is why I think not, and how this popularization falls short. I expect this to be difficult material for most of my friends, but I post here for the record. >>>become more woke...
by Eric Reiter
This new beam-split test performed with gamma-rays defies the cherished idea in modern physics that energy is always emitted and absorbed quantized. These experiments were newly performed in many ways, with both matter and light. To maintain energy conservation, experiments show absorption must be continuous and only emission is quantized. Continuous absorption implies a pre-loaded state in matter that was not well understood. With no prior evidence defying quantized absorption, physics was stuck in this quantum paradox since 1905. >>>become more woke...