Eureka Moments

by Nick Percival (October 30, 2019)
I have analyzed the Twin Paradox of Special Relativity for 50 years and am very familiar with all of its … awaken
by Toshiyasu Abe (August 15, 2019)
While I was working there, I sometimes had to go down to the basement and peel potatoes alone, in a dark, cold, and wet room. At first, I didn’t like this dungeon-like place, especially when it was icy cold and snowing outside. But I found that because my task was easy, and there was no one around to bother me, I could spend lots of time thinking about physics, while peeling those potatoes. At the time, I was reading a book about Einstein’s Relativity Theory. awaken
by Cynthia Whitney (July 17, 2019)
Now the fact is this: The Sagnac effect is fatal to SRT as presently practiced. Draper people already knew that, and I soon knew it too. And that is how I became a Dissident Physicist. awaken
by Jeff Yee (April 24, 2019)
It was sometime in the late 2000s, while studying string theory, that I began to ask myself if modern physics was on the right track. I had a desire to understand the mysteries of the universe, but digging deeper into particle physics led to more questions not less. awaken
by Glenn Borchardt (April 22, 2019)
PSI Blog 20190501 The Discovery of Infinity The question has been asked: “How did you first get the idea the … awaken
by Vladimir Ginzburg (April 19, 2019)
It was my son Gene, who triggered my first eureka moment. It occurred during our dinner conversation at the end of December of 1992.  Neither his high school teachers nor my university professors had ever mentioned during their lectures about the the vortex theory.  While looking at a crumb of bread, Gene made a casual observation: There is probably another world inside that piece.”  awaken
by Stoyan Sarg (April 12, 2019)
After a sleepless night, I decided to take a drive in my car. While driving, something very important came to me. It was a thought about aether, the abandoned substance of physics that would give light a medium – like air is a medium for sound waves. awaken
by Lori Gardi (April 6, 2019)
The first Eureka moment for me was in 1985 when Scientific American published, for the first time, the algorithm for the Mandelbrot Set. It was in the Computer Recreations section of the magazine, written by Kee Dewdney at the time.  awaken
by David de Hilster (March 16, 2019)
In 1940, in a physics class in Argentina, a simple question from a physics student to his professor became a moment of "eureka" that was to take this physics student on a journey of decades challenging Albert Einstein himself. Einstein was 60 years old at the time and already hailed as a genius but this student was to change everything with a simple insight that seemed very innocent at the time.awaken
by Nick Percival (December 17, 2018)

In 1956, I entered the ninth grade. My math teacher, Mr. Nash, was an excellent and caring teacher. One day he wrote some things on the blackboard and then said something like, “We don’t know what the square root of minus one is.”