Become Science Woke!

Anyone can become “science woke”. All it takes is the love of science, the right state of mind, and some guidance from other folks who are already woke. You will not find scientific truth here; but, you may find needed improvements in theory and more reliable predictive models. You will find how to become and stay science woke via a community of critical thinkers who make their home in natural philosophy.

Science Woke

Being science woke means:

Critical Thinkers

Critical thinkers are those people who engage in the following behavior:

  • Investigate all claims themselves to make their own educated decision
  • Read the content of someone’s proposal, thesis, theory, paper, book, or idea without import of the social or scientific position of the author
  • Never let the pressure of others influence one’s decision as to what is viable
  • Always investigate thoroughly and with an open mind all scientific proposals no matter how established or how unknown
  • Understand that all of science can be questioned at any level at any time
  • Respect other’s work even if you do not agree with it
  • Help each other become better critical thinkers

Mainstream Problems

The second important part of being science woke is the understanding that mainstream science is quite problematic and that we are in a time of paradigm shift. Here are some of the major problem areas in mainstream science:

New Models and Theories

Being science woke in the 20th and 21st century is not new. There are thousands of scientists, professors, engineers, and layman who have been working outside the mainstream for decades who have:

This website will help you learn about these exciting new theories and models.

Natural Philosophy

Before there was astrophysics physics evangelists, and super specialization, there was natural philosophy: the study of the philosophy or rules of nature. In order to get back to our natural philosophy roots and away from genius worship, we have constructed the house of natural philosophy which provides a foundation for critical thinkers to stay science woke. This includes:

All under the domain of run by the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society.

You Can Be “Science Woke”

This website is here to help you become science woke by making you into a critical thinker under the roof of natural philosophy.

You have come to the right place and your journey starts now!

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