by Stephen Hurrell (January 30, 2019)
Those of us who have studied ancient gravity in detail generally agree the evidence indicates gravity was much less in the geological past. I even think we can roughly calculate that ancient gravity was about half of today’s gravity 200 million years ago, slowly increasing over hundreds of millions of years to reach its present day level. awaken
by Stephen Hurrell (January 30, 2019)
It is well-known that gravity limits the form and size of life. Scientists have been explaining for centuries how and why this happens in numerous science books and papers. awaken
by Alexander Unzicker (January 28, 2019)
What’s the origin of the inertia of masses? Even Richard Feynman, in a video “Inertia and fathers” on YouTube, wonders about that fundamental question of physics. awaken
by Harry Ricker (January 9, 2019)
Herbert Dingle was a 20th century physicist, philosopher and historian of science, author of scientific books, and an untiring critic of science and scientific method. He is best known for his criticism of the special theory of relativity, stemming from controversies over the twins paradox in the 1950s, and his book Science At The Crossroads which documented how the scientific community attempted ... awaken
by David de Hilster (January 3, 2019)
You will be shocked to find out that the majority of physicists do not in fact support the musings of the theoretical physicists who play with very large and expensive equipment. awaken
by Harry Ricker (January 3, 2019)
Particle Fever is a science documentary film that unmasks the deception behind modern particle physics in the course of making a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider or LHC and the claimed discovery of the Higgs Boson.  The film takes us into the world of particle physics, its people, its machines and its human self deceptions, in a way never see... awaken