• Big Problems in Big Science

    CNPS scientists have spent decades arguing against the big bang, relativity, plate tectonics, particle physics, and black holes to name a few. Read about some of their arguments.

  • Those Fighting Big Science

    Big Science has been systematically repressing dissidents for over a hundred years. These science warriors come from all walks of life from PHDs from MIT to Supreme Court Justices.

  • New Theories and Models

    CNPS scientists have been working on alternative theories and models for decades. Unifying the forces, aether models, particle models - read about them and be inspired!

Becoming Science Woke

We the people of this planet during the last number of years have become politically, economically, socially, and environmentally woke. Now it is science's turn!

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Read These First

Here are some articles we have written to those who are wanting to become science woke.

Become Science Woke!

So you consider yourself to have your eyes wide open to politics, the environment, to income inequality and the like. But now is the time you need to become science woke.

Amazing Progress Outside the Mainstream

Theoretical science is progressing. But you never hear about in the news. No science evangelist has ever spoke of it and no one who who is truly advancing physics or cosmology today has won a Nobel prize.

Universities Are Failing at Science Education

Try this: go to your local university physics professor and tell them you have an experiment to show Einstein wrong and you want to perform it for a masters or PHD thesis. Or, tell them you want to write your thesis on how the Big Bang is wrong. What do you think

Model Revolution Is Here and Here’s Why

There are dozens of candidates for new models for the universe today. Find out why and how we got to today’s Model Revolution. Mainstream science has become unbelievable and religious like with all attempts to criticize it met with immediate rejection. There are lots of new theories and models from critical thinkers outside the mainstream that greatly improve upon current theory.

The Biggest Problem in Science Today

The biggest problem in science today isn’t our theories or models. It isn’t our universities or institutions. It isn’t our technology or need for the next “bigger” particle collider. It isn’t even the mainstream or dissidents. It is something much more insidious. Yet 99.99% of us are guilty of this and no one talks about it. But I’m going to talk about it today and better yet, I will tell you how I broke the habit of doing it myself.

Meet the Science Woke

Here you will find the critical thinkers that are science woke that you need to know about

Lori Gardi

Computer scientist
Black holes and galaxies can be explained by fractals

Stephen Hurrell

Mechanical Engineer
Dinosaurs were so huge because the earth was half the size and grivity was much less

Eric Reiter

Scientist and experimentalist
Performs experiments revealing flaws in quantum mechanics and resolution of wave-particle duality.

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